Why I LOVE Audible….

Audible is an app that allows me to listen to books instead of reading a paper copy. For someone regularly on the move, this is ideal.

I love Audible. It makes reading so much more accessible and with one credit given each month, enabling me to download an audio book for no additional fee, the subscription is well worth it.

I now listen to books regularly.

  • Whilst doing housework
  • Whilst driving
  • Whilst mowing the lawn (I hate gardening, it’s my only motivation)
  • Part of my morning routine
  • Whilst walking / doing errands

Earlier this week, I listed the most impactful books on my life and work. To listen to these books in snippets throughout the week, making the mundane tasks more enjoyable and productive, is well worth the investment of £7.99 per month.

Some narrators are better than others, but if you don’t lik per a book, you an always return it and get your credit point / money refunded.

I’d encourage you to sign up for the free trial today and see what you think.




This page contains affiliate links, but as always, only for resources that I use and believe in.

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