How To Manage The Hundreds Of Thoughts In Your Head

If you’re anything like me, you’re driven, full of vision, have about 300 ideas a minute and daily bounce from one job to another, prioritising those that you consider fun and exciting.

The same is true for many people when it comes to running the home or the chaos of family life.

The problem with this trait is that we’re often not very organised or efficient in how we work. I recently discovered the secret to this. I touched on it in a previous blog, titled, ‘If you manage your own time, Do this

I blocked out one morning every week to review, reflect and plan. It has made a huge difference.

Here’s the benefits I’ve noticed

  • I’m less rushed and able to focus more on the task at hand.
  • I have a clear and honest view of my priorities any given time.
  • I’ve taken a moment to stop. To pause. To express gratitude for what I do.
  • I review my task list, considering if anything can be eliminated, automated or delegated*.

How I manage tasks during my weekly review

  • Whenever I think of a task, at any point in the day, I insert it into Todoist App
  • Those that repeat on a daily or weekly basis are scheduled in my ‘Ideal week’ set up as a digital calendar in Ical.
  • During my weekly review I then go through that list and identify the key tasks for that week.
  • I then write them into my full focus planner – Or diary. I do this with my ideal week in front of me so I can plan accordingly.

I’d encourage you to set this time aside in your week. It only need be a couple of hours, or it can be a whole mornings commitment.

Create a plan, template it and then commit it to the calender.

A weekly review has enabled me to be more productive, less manic, have a depth of focus and greater productivity.

For more on managing tasks, I highly recommend *The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. As a lone start up, it’s not easy to implement everything, but it’s worth reading and considering how you might take some of it on board.
I also recommend Essentialism by Greg McCowen. A challenging but excellent strategy.


What might you include in your weekly review?

What systems do you currently have in place for task management? 


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