Don’t Wait For The Ideal, Just Get Started

I once heard the story of a young man who had the opportunity to meet one of his hero’s in the performing arts. On meeting him, he asked this question, ‘How do I do what you’re doing, how do I make it as an actor?’

His hero, looked at him and said, ‘What acting are you doing right now?’ The young man hadn’t even started his journey, yet he was asking how to reach the tops.

Here’s the thing….if you have a vision, an idea, a desire, a hope, a dream. Don’t wait until you can afford the best equipment, Meet the game changing people, have the ideal opportunities and conditions…Just do what you can today.

Don’t limit your vision for the future, but take the small steps now.

Do whatever it takes….and keep doing it.

Nothing ever happened to the man who never had a go…

What is your vision?

What are you doing about it today?


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